Energy Survey

Everyone is concerned about their energy bills and we think that as a community we can help each other. We want to look at the opportunities of buying energy as a community, that could be bulk-purchase of energy or just finding out who the best suppliers are in our area.

By collecting data on how much energy we use we can also understand how community owned energy might work and provide advise on how to reduce energy use and look at options for improving the energy performance of our homes, through retrofit.

If you live in or around Daviot (with the school boundary) we would be grateful if you could complete the form below. All the information will be kept confidentially and we will only use this data to help our community. You can complete the form anonymously, but the more information we have about you the better.

You can complete this anonymously if you prefer
If you wish to remain anonymous please just enter your postcode.
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Selected Value: 1
If you know it
Please tell us in kilo-Watt-hours (kWh) or litres if possible. Otherwise tell us the cost per year
If you have a log burner/open fire
Price per kWh, this will be on your energy bill and possibly on your Smart Meter if you have one
Please tell us in kilo-Watt-hours (kWh) if possible, otherwise tell us the cost per year. You might find projected annual usage on your energy bills, or you can compare meter readings 12 months apart on your bills.
Price per kWh
in kWh. This should be on your electricity bill