About us

Zero Carbon Daviot is a community run organisation, registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). The group was established to bring about radical reductions in carbon emissions in order to avoid runaway climate change. We want to support our local community to become more climate conscious and help tackle fuel poverty.

Our Mission Statement

Time is running out to limit the effects of climate change and although the Government have set targets to decarbonize our society by 2045, many studies show that these targets are not ambitious enough. For most of us this means changing how we run and heat our homes, how we work and travel, and reducing the impact of what we buy and consume. 

We believe that we have the opportunity to decarbonize our community faster, making our homes warmer, our air cleaner and our lives healthier, all while helping to reduce our carbon emissions and providing a secure future for generations to come.

We want to engage everyone in our community to make a real and meaningful difference in the next 10 years. Initial levels of interest have been high and the group has set the ambitious target of decarbonising our community by 2030.

We hold regular meetings to help inform and engage the community, you can catch up on all our previous meetings on our YouTube Channel

Our People

Our trustees:

Matthew Clubb – Keith Duncan – Karen Forbes – Nick Forbes – Ken Gordon – Sandra Gordon – Rob Gordon

Our Community

Daviot is a small village and surrounding area of approximately 450 homes, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. We have a vibrant community with local walking trails, active community groups and a modern village hall.

Daviot originally derives its name from the Gaelic term ‘dabhoch’ which signifies a piece of land sufficient for the pasture of a certain number of cows. There are still plenty of livestock around today, and we have some fantastic Aberdeenshire countryside (including views of Bennachie, our local hill) right on our doorstep.

Our constitutional boundary encompasses the areas shown below, this is the primary area ZCD supports

ZCD Constitution Boundary

Group Connections

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